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Author Tom Campbell

Author and host Richard Randall interviews author Thomas Campbell

Author Mehreen Ahmed

Host/author Trisha Mckee interviews author Mahreen Ahmed

Author Chella Courington

Author/Host Jennifer Gordon interviews author Chella Courington

Author Nick Gerrard

Host Jennifer Gordon interviews author Nick Gerrard

Author Keven Renken

Charles Rose interviews author Keven Renken.

Author and host Richard Randall interviews author and owner of Breaking Rules Publishing, Christopher Clawson Rule.

Host and author Jennifer Gordon interviews authors Daniel Fisher and Zach Thomas. 

A fellow horror writer and host, Trisha McKee, interviews horror authors Wendy Dalrymple and Jennifer Gordon about their work and inspirations. https:...

Author Tim Mendees

On today’s episode of Writer Someday to Author Today, our host Trisha McKee (author of Beyond the Surface) chats with Tim Mendees from the UK about his work, horror, pets, and even...

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