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We welcome once again, Kit West, as she helps us maneuver the ins and outs of Flash Fiction.  You can find Kit's book on the Breaking Rules Publishing website - the link is below. ...

We welcome author, Zach Thomas to the Inkers Podcast. Today, Zach will speak about his writing and enjoyment of Christopher Clawson's Books. 

We welcome, Pat Sparks to Inkers as she shares her love and enjoyment of the books of Christopher Clawson.    The Breaking Rules Publishing Links for Christophers Books are below. ...

Ben Rose Podcast

We welcome Ben Rose to Inkers. Today we're learning more about Ben - his book Everybody but us, and his new book The Long Game.  The Breaking Rules Publishing links for Ben's books...

PattyMcCarthy Podcast

We welcome Patty McCarthy to Inkers - learn more about McCarthy, her writing, books, and editing services.

Join Kit West as she leads us into the challenges of working on dialogue and learning some tools to overcome the challenges. 

Listen while Chella opens us up to the world of writing.

Join us as we learn more about Jovan Jones - his process - writing style and his new book - When Cranes Feast.

Join us as we explore the world of Flash Fiction and gather to share our work and thoughts. 

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